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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does web content cost?

That depends on a variety of factors, such as how many pages you need, if we’re starting from scratch or reworking existing content, etc. I will offer you a clear proposal after I better understand your needs.

How long does it take to create a new site?

That depends on what is involved. I will include a rough timeframe in my proposal. Once we get to work, we will create a schedule together to expedite the process.

Do you I have to sign a contract? Do you require payment in advance?

I will present you with a proposal after my initial assessment of your needs. I ask for a 50% deposit when you accept the proposal. The balance is due on completion of the project.

How does your process work?

I follow a step-by-step method that includes strategic planning, content writing, and collaboration with the development team. My proposal will explain everything I need from you to create optimized content. I will work with your web developer or team to coordinate everything. I want the process to be as smooth as possible for you with no surprises!

Do you do the work yourself or outsource it?

I do all the web content and project management myself. I rely on web developers for the design and programming of the site.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee your satisfaction with the copy I write for you. There are many factors in marketing that I cannot control, so I cannot guarantee specific sales results.

I don’t know what my site needs. May I have only a site audit for now?

A site audit is a professional process I conduct to assess the performance of your current site. My 30-point checklist addresses:

  • Site Identity
  • Company Information
  • Content Strength
  • Links
  • Navigation
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Essentials

And yes, I am happy to conduct a site audit so you can decide if you need to upgrade your site.

My new site went from page 1 in Google to page 3. What happened? I didn’t change a thing.

You didn’t change a thing! Search engines love new content. Updating your site regularly is critical to high rankings. Relevant “inbound links” impact your rankings. It’s a popularity contest. Do other sites link to yours? If not, and your competitors have more inbound links, they will move up the page. We can help with SEO.

Can you get me on Page 1 of Google?

Maybe. Maybe not. So much depends on how popular your keyword phrases are, how many competitors you have, how strong a link-building campaign you have, and so on.

What is the difference between what you do and what a “designer” or “developer” does?

Consider the two sides of the brain. I am an expert in optimized web content, site mapping, and project management – the right brain. I work with web developers, graphic designers, and e-commerce specialists – the left brain. I rely on partnerships with developers who understand the deeply technical aspects.

How often should I update my site?

Search engines love new content. It is a great idea to freshen your content as often as you can to help your rankings. Coding also impacts your search engine rankings. If your site is several years old, the search engines may not be able to read your site well.

Do you have more questions? Contact me today and I’ll answer them!