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Editorial and Publishing Management

Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a book you want to write? But YOU don’t want to write it? You are not alone.

Your book can establish you as an authority on your subject. You gain credibility. Your business gains credibility. Your readers want to learn more about you.

As many as half of all published books are ghostwritten. And for business books, that number is even higher.

Your Book Is an Investment

Please don’t write a book for the money you might earn from sales. Write your book for the many related benefits and increased results it can generate for you.

Successful authors use their books to open doors. A book establishes you as a recognized leader or expert in your industry. You can get great speaking engagements. You can earn credibility with potential clients. You can increase the sales in your business. You can communicate complex or challenging concepts to customers in a way that clarifies your product or service. You can even charge more for your services.

Derek Lewis, author of The Business Book Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Write a Good Business Book, shares these going rates for ghostwriters:

• Newer ghostwriters charge about $25,000 for a full-length manuscript.
• Professionals start somewhere between $35,000 to $55,000.
• Publishers tend to pay ghostwriters between $50,000 to $80,000
• Veteran ghostwriters charge $75,000 to more than $100,000
• Those writing for celebrities charge $120,000 and up.

We will agree on a fee once we discuss your project.

The personal connection between you and your ghostwriter is incredibly important! You want to find someone you trust and like! You will be spending a lot of time together, perhaps even sharing some intimate memories.

If you have something to say, and you want help saying it, please give me a call.

“Working with Donna has been a sheer delight. The ease at which she digs a little deeper, probing without being invasive; her profound insights; and her compassion have made working with her a highlight in my career. She made capturing our memoirs a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed the whole process, and I hope that we can collaborate on other works in the future.” – David Patient, DavidPatient.com

“I want to endorse with great pride Donna Mosher’s writing skill set and her management ability with a book she helped my co-author and me publish about divided government and split-ticket voting trends in the U.S. The material was complicated: Donna interviewed almost 200 Gallup Poll respondents; she then transcribed and edited all the many responses. She also conceptualized the many seminar discussions between the authors that structured the core themes in the book. Her name appears on the cover of our book because she earned it with her considerable skills. We could not have published this book without her. – V. Lance Tarrance, Checked and Balanced: How Ticket-Splitters Are Shaping the New Balance of Power in American Politics by V. Lance Tarrance Jr. and Walter De Vries, Foreword by David Broder

Magazine Editing and Management

My gift is knowing what people want to read. I have been able to indulge that passion for 15+ years as a magazine editor.

– Senior Editor, Spirituality & Health magazine

– Editor in Chief and Publishing Manager, Science of Mind, Centers for Spiritual Living

– Founder and Publisher, Authentic Living

– Contributing Editor, The Woodlands Lifestyles and Homes

– Editor, Houston Design Resources

– Editor, Houston House & Home

– Editor in Chief, New Mexico House & Home

– Editor in Chief, Austin House & Home

Book Publishing

In addition to serving as Publishing Manager for the Centers for Spiritual Living, I’ve worked as a consultant and/or editor to the following authors.

– Mira Dessy, Grains & More – The Pantry Principle

– Authentic Woman Enterprises – The Authentic Woman Playbook

– Deborah Roth – Circle of One

– Anthony Bruins – The 5-Minute Dog Trainer

– Lance Tarrance and Walter DeVries – Checked & Balanced: How Ticket-Splitters Are Shaping the New Balance of Power in American Politics

– Larry DeRusha – Roar from Within

– Jerry Teplitz – Managing Stress in Difficult Times

– Ray Anthony – F-A-S-T Forward… And Step On It!

– Ray Anthony – Killer Presentations with Your iPad

– Vicki Warren – Coffee, Doughnuts, & God

  • "Donna Mosher has been an editor for my writing for the last twelve years. She is precise, efficient, accurate, and freshly creative. Her editing rates are reasonable and she throws in some wonderfully enthusiastic cheerleading for free. This has been enormously empowering for me because an editor that is criticizing my writing rather than giving me an honest critique is the last thing I need as a writer. Donna helped me realize what I could do rather than emphasize what I did wrong. Because of that and so much more I've asked her to partner with me in my next project. And, I'm so looking forward to that.

    Rev. Marsha Lehman, M.Ed., MA
 - Fiercely Loving Life Coach

  • "I’ve worked with many communication professionals over the last quarter of a century. Donna Mosher stands apart and above the crowd in terms of her competency, professionalism, client relationship skills, and her enthusiasm and passion to do the very best she can to delight her clients. I can tell you from working with her when she edited my book, F-A-S-T FORWARD... AND STEP ON IT! that her keen attention to detail, her accuracy, and her willingness and drive to deliver much more than I expected gave me a book that I am immensely proud of.

    Ray Anthony
, President, Anthony Innovation Group