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Search Engine Optimization

Web content must be written for both search engines and for your visitors. Integrating your targeted keyword phrases into copy in a way that is informative and engaging is the trick. And in some cases, it is a trick. You see, Google has become very savvy at determining what it thinks a person wants to see. Terms I enter into Google may bring up different results than the terms you enter.

So I invest my time in good research, a thorough understanding of your company and your goals, and well-crafted, informative content. We work together to identify the terms that best represent your organization and that we think visitors will enter into search engines to find you. But we don’t count on that to get traffic.

Google, in particular, has really been cracking down on websites that have attempted to boost their rankings by stuffing their content with lots of keywords. These days, attracting quality website visitors isn’t about optimizing for a handful of keyword phrases. It’s about having great content that folks want to read and that will compel them to take action. I can help you with that.

And rankings reports are very out of fashion now. These reports don’t tell you which keywords people actually used to find your site and which ones really matter. You want content that answers the questions and needs of your target market. Top placement on Google won’t gauge your success at that.

Sure, you still want to incorporate those terms your potential customers are entering into search engines. But when you think about it, isn’t it really a guessing game? You also want to get the word out in other ways about your business. That’s why you need to implement a varied marketing strategy.

Contact me, and we can talk more about this.

  • "Within days of hiring Segue Communications, Donna had a clear web plan that drove my site from being unranked to third in my field in a few days. My phone now rings with inquiries from people who found me through Internet search, and who responded favorably to my site presentation.

    Douglas Hord, Tax Advisor