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Site Audit

How does the content of your existing site perform? Is it driving traffic to the site, boosting sales activities, and achieving your marketing goals?

If you have a website that isn’t working as well as it could, let’s find out why with a Segue Site Audit. I will conduct a professional review of your existing site based on web best practices and help you understand what is working on your web pages and what can be improved. I can also tell you how to improve your search results.

My 30-point checklist addresses:

• Site Identity
• Company Information
• Content Strength
• SEO Essentials
• Links
• Navigation
• Graphics and Animation
• Graphic Design

Contact me to discuss how we can make your existing website even better.
  • "Inviting Donna's input and professional skill was one of the best investments I've made. Her work has not only been thorough, but insightful and inspiring. She took an interest in what I was doing, helped me clarify what she heard me saying, and addressed my immediate needs with precise and very personal support. I will turn to her again as my needs develop - and thanks to her encouragement my business will develop. It will also expand in a direction that is satisfying to me.

    Mary Rees
, Conscious Dynamics