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Traditional Marketing

Marketing, PR, and Publishing Support

Are you feeling ignored?

Have you been trying to capture the attention of customers, opinion leaders, and media, but it seems no one is listening?

Have you tried everything? If not, that may be your problem.

If you think just having a website listed on page 1 of Google is going to build your business, think again.

Ditto news releases. And brochures. YouTube videos. Email. Facebook. Top search engine placement. Blogs. Direct mail. Full-page ads.

NOT ONE of these will work for you.

Only a smartly crafted combination of public relations and marketing – online and offline, print and video, long-form and short – can make sure people learn about you and love you!

It’s ironic. From smart phones and tablets to e-readers and Skype, we’re more connected than ever. But it has become increasingly challenging to get the word out. Our media options are more diverse than ever. Editors are doubling up on beats and cutting back on reporting. The shrinking page counts in print media combined with the endless demand of the 24/7 news cycle make traditional PR efforts so-last-century. And everyone has a web page, making getting found online harder by the day.

What’s old is new

Only a savvy mix of new and old-fashioned media technologies will make sure your customer hears you.

Segue Communications has served a variety of clients, including real estate developers and brokers, custom homebuilders, interior designers, medical practices, finance brokers, independent authors. Projects include new business development, Web content, magazine copywriting, editing, newsletters, promotion, and publicity.

We specialize in online marketing to the green building industry. To learn more, please visit GreenBuildingCopywriter.com

If you need local PR, we’ve got the media contacts to connect you. For a broader reach, we partner with Brenda Jones of Jones PR in Oklahoma City. Donna and Brenda worked together in Washington, D.C., and have been sharing expertise for decades.

Our Services: 

– News Releases

– Distribution

– Newsletters

– Promotion and Publicity

– Video Scripts and Production

– Collateral Materials

Partial Client List:

Authentic Living

– Authentic Woman Enterprises

Bishop Carlton Pearson

Blackwood Educational Land Institute

Bytes of Life Studios

– CAH Interiors

CellCast Technologies

– Creative Impressions Interior Design

Douglas Hord Tax Preparation

– Dr. Joe Diruzzo, Prenatal Re-Imprinting


– Environment Associates

– J.M. Wendell Custom Homes

– Maddie Boo Bedding

– Sacred Activism and the Power of Inclusion conference

– Southern Mark Homes

– Sustainable Building Solutions

– Terrebonne Custom Homes

– The Woodlands Operating Company

– The Woodlands Custom Homes

– Tulsa Young Chamber Musicians

– Twin Persimmons Farm

Learn what many of these folks say about our work! Click HERE

  • "I hold Donna Mosher in really high esteem. Authenticity and being able to communicate technically and effectively on difficult issues concerning quality of life matters are hugely important to the marketing of the business I founded nearly 40 years ago. Over all this time, no one else has been able to fulfill this ideal except Donna and her company, Segue Communications. I am certain she can do the same for others who are attuned, through the work they do, to only be doing good, rather than merely being less bad.

    LaVerne A. Williams, AIA, LEED AP

  • "Donna Mosher always comes to my rescue. And, she does that before I even know I need to be rescued. How does she do that? When she arrives on the scene, she asks the right questions, gets to the heart of the matter, and comes back with the answer. Not with just an idea, or a tactic, or a budget, or a plan. The answer. How does she do that? Intuitive, thoughtful, and responsive, Donna Mosher gives a whole new meaning to the creative process. I just want to know…how does she do that?

    Pam Carter
, Synergy Marketing Associates, Inc.
  • "Donna excels because she uses her fine-tuned creativity and diverse imagination to generously give the client unsolicited ideas that add great value to one's work, whether it is writing, creating, or editing communications and promotional/marketing materials - or anything else that involves developing impacting, effective messages. There's a saying that “Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” I don't know anyone else who can help you get T-H-R-O-U-G-H to those you want to better than Donna.

    Ray Anthony
, President, Anthony Innovation Group